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While we all have the feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) aspects within (just like every atom, cell, or molecule, etc.), I think the big problem in today’s world is too much emphasis on the masculine, and while men are taught not to allow their feminine side to be revealed, women are often tricked into thinking that giving and doing things for their man or family is how to “be a woman”, but giving and doing are both masculine aspects!

It is very rare that women these days are allowed (or allow themselves when they are alone) to relax to receive. Deep, conscious relaxation (not sleep!) allows you to empty out all the thoughts and vibrations that you have received lately but that perhaps you do not need. Because, consciously or not, women always naturally take in the energy, thoughts, and vibes around them, most of which of course they probably want to let go of– but if you’re not aware that you’re absorbing it, how can you let something go or choose the best parts to keep? When you are filled to the brim with thoughts and energies from outside yourself, how then can you fully receive anything more?

This is where we start with the Tantric practice, by allowing the woman to let go of the male vibrations for a while and completely relax into her femininity. Each session begins with a Tarot reading to get your mind thinking about your spiritual path – the cards either come back with confirmation of your direction or some ideas about which direction to go, if that is what your heart desires. Then we do some energy work to clear the body and the chakras of blockages, balance things between the Yin and Yang energies and get everything flowing nicely. Next comes the massage, which can be light and relaxing, deep and therapeutic, sensual (to varying degrees) or all of the above. You choose. There is NEVER any sex involved, but with a sensual massage the goal is to touch every inch of your body that is possible (and desired by you of course).

Your Body is a Temple

My hope is that your session changes your life forever and allows you to fully embrace your true feminine aspects of receiving, intuition, compassion, and more and gives you perspective on what you can look for, and even DEMAND in your romantic encounters in order to fully respect your womanhood and bring your potential for ecstasy to an entirely new level.

With Love,
Sandi xXOo <3

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