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3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Anonymous

    I never knew I loved being touched on the elbows so much!

  2. Anonymous

    I experienced things I have NEVER experienced before! Sandi is amazing!

  3. Anonymous

    The Tantra Massage with Sandesh helped me to connect to my femininity in a very secure and beautiful way. I was anxious about being touched on my body as I had a bad experience in my childhood. But Sandesh was so gentle, caring and empathetic during the session that I could relax deeply and focus completely on myself. I learnt so much about my body and it was the start of reconnecting with my female energy. This is a profound change for my life as I overcame my blockades and I am now able to be touched in a sensual way and actually enjoy it. I wish every woman could get such an experience as it could lead to sexual healing.

    Sandesh – You really were a messenger of love to me. I am deeply grateful for your humble and gentle help!

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